Aug. 9th, 2016

cassaclyzm: (I do say...)
In my defense, it's been busy. Most of the time. *cough*

I'mma go ahead and steal [ profile] clawfoot's bites format, because a bullet list is the balm that soothes the tl;dr.

  • I went home! It was grand. I got to visit all of my grandparents a bunch, and catch up with friends, and get some SUN. IN THE MARITIMES. WHAT THE WHAT. The weather was perfect - low to mid twenties, sunny, good humidity. I ate a lot of stuff off the barbee, watched a lot of birds on the bird feeder, saw the highest tides in the world roll all the way in, and drank a metric fuckton of beer with my folks. Perfect. (I even managed to sneakily take them out for dinner once. The secret: don't tell them you're paying, then steal the bill at the end and hold on for dear life.)

  • While I was away, my friend Vall was watching my apartment and my kitty. Apparently my apartment was mad about me leaving because it gave Vall no end of trouble. My Netflix kept freezing, my knife broke while she was cutting garlic (?!), and my lamp committed lampicide when she deigned to brush against it with an armload of blankets. Like I told her, the knife sucked and I hated the lamp, so no actual harm done. I feel bad for her, though. Breaking someone else's stuff sucks. On the up side, she left a bunch of stupidly cute drawings around my house of my stuff welcoming me back ("Couch missed you!" "Bed eagerly awaits your return! :D :D :D") which was both touching and funny as hell.

  • Before I went home I bought myself part 2 of my birthday gift to myself (part 1 being a new phone that I swear was only half so I could play Pok√©mon Go): an El Gato HD capture card! Now my dreams of being a crappy copy of Game Grumps can finally come to fruition. I got it hooked up and did some preliminary recording with my friend Samia which went pretty well. I want to get lav mics for better sound, and my laptop appears to be unable to handle editing video anymore so it'll be a while before I can do anything with the episodes that are worth keeping. But it was nice to get started after a year of putting that particular project off.

  • I'm going to build myself a PC using Logical Increments! I need something that can handle some video editing and light to medium gaming, as well as a bit of streaming. I haven't built a PC since the late nineties so this is bound to be an adventure. I'm pretty sure it's waaaay easier nowadays than it was back then. If necessary I will call in the expertise of [ profile] cow and/or [ profile] epi_lj.

  • It's been ages since I've written anything. It's been quite a while since I've even wanted to. But that part, at least, is finally coming back. I need a little goal of some sort to get me going. Putting some black on that first white page is hard.


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