May. 31st, 2016

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I wound up changing my meeting with the landlords to tomorrow (Wednesday) evening so I can meet them both at once. Had a brief moment of panic when they quoted me a higher rental price and a "no pets" clause (the guy I'm taking over the lease for paid 25$ less and had a dog). After a brief, tiny freakout I wrote a polite letter requesting to take over the lease at the same amount the other guy was paying, and brought up the pet thing. (Definitely channeled [ profile] clawfoot on that one - I haaaate asking for things.)

Long story short, I've got it at the original price until October and then my own lease will start and they'll raise the rent the legal amount they can, because this city continues to blow my mind with its current rate of rental inflation. And we're pretty sure the cat thing won't be a problem - she's a short haired cat (and she's practically bald on her tummy, it's all pink!) and I was planning on investing in a more pet hair suckin' vacuum anyway.

Asking for things: the new cool thing to do!TM

Crisis averted, though I was reeeally hoping to get this set in stone tonight so I can make Official Style Plans. I think I'll still try to get a move on movers (ha!) tonight, book an in-home estimate with one or two of the more promising options.


In other news, I dropped my phone yet again last night and cracked the screen. Hooooray. It's still functional, but ugh. I have way too many expenditures coming up, a phone was officially Not Part of My Financial Plan. So I guess I'll be reading Cracked articles through a glimmery spider web for a while to come.
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After looking through the quotes I was sent and doing some poking around online, I went with Sem's Movers. I'm doing a Saturday, June 25 9AM move. That should give me Saturday evening to unpack and settle in, and Sunday to probably go grocery shopping and maybe get any odds and ends that came up.

I think the only other thing move-wise that I'm going to put myself on the hook for tonight is coming up with a rough schedule for getting stuff done before and after the move. Tomorrow = landlords = 100% COMMITMENT (as long as, again, they're not secretly with Hydra.)

But Maya is demanding ALL THE PETS so I'm going to acquiesce to some kitty time for now.


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