May. 12th, 2016

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Apparently it's a College Humor thing.

Case in point: I'm considering hiring movers rather than renting a truck and whining for help from friends. Because even though I know I have friends who can/will help me move, and I technically can rent a truck or a van and drive it myself, I don't wanna I don't wanna I don't wanna. I don't want to make people do all my lifting and I don't wanna stress about driving and parking and returning vehicles. I would GLADLY pay someone to handle this crap for me.

(I might enlist friends to help a little with packing and/or cleaning, though. So now's your chance to book the July 1st weekend out of town and escape, you savvy LJ few!)

Funnily enough I remembered [ profile] clawfoot talking about getting movers back in 2011, so I looked up her LJ posts about it for inspiration and to see who she'd gone with. Apparently the answer is "nobody" and the eventual outcome was "THE MOVE FROM HELL" so this only strengthens my desire to make the moving part Someone Else's Damn Problem. (Though my move's gonna be way simple in comparison, since it's a summer move, it'll be within the GTA, my couch can come apart if it has to, and I am a wannabe minimalist monk.)

Oh, and I had an CAMH assessment appointment this morning which concluded with a look into some depression/mood managing options. I should hear from my doctor in a couple of weeks to flesh that out. Talking about that stuff is emotionally draining. I'm SO glad it's been a slow evening at work (I traded shifts to get the morning off) so I can just pick through Kijiji for apartment ads and be a vegetable between calls.


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