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Sep. 18th, 2005 03:25 pm
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Someone (on the phone, at work) just told me I have a nice French accent!

My confidence has been restored!
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It's been a busy night here at work. We're a head short, and my only colleague has been stuck on a huge conference call for the past two hours. Which has left one person to front-end every single call that is being placed to IBM Canada: me. Joy of joys.

This wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't feeling inexplicably testy. Every call that comes in makes me want to tear someone's head off. After having eaten I feel a bit better, but not much. Once that conference call's over I think I'm going to take a long, long walk. Yes, even if it's 4AM.

In better news, I found out today that my parents have enough money saved to pay for my whole first year of university. !!! Wow. I knew they had a bit tucked away (they started a savings account when I was born), but I had no idea it was that much. Have I mentioned lately that I love my parents? Well, I do. A damn lot.
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So I talked to my boss last night about this whole "going to school full-time in the fall" thing. He's cool with it. Cool enough that I have definite part-time work until my contract is up (mid October), definite part-time work a year from now (after the "one year" clause from my contract work), and the possibility of part-time work for that intrim year, if some strings can be pulled. I think they like me.

Things seem to be falling into place. I think this is a good sign.

I need to get out to the university to talk to someone about what courses I should subject myself to, and talk to the parental units about funding and loans and that sort of fun stuff. Wee! (I'm really glad, now, I got all of that dental and ocular care out of the way early in the year.)

I take my driving permit test on Thursday morning. Yay! I guess should probably read the driver's handbook first, no?


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