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I have to shave my legs again for the dinner theatre on Thursday. I really wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't for the fact that it's a really huge pain in the ass. I have really frickin' hairy legs, people. (Aren't you glad to know that? I know you are.)

Can't I have manservants to do this kind of thing for me? Or womanservants? Or Servants of Indeterminate Gender? Either way, I'd love to be able to lay back with a book and let other people do the work. (First time I'd have the chance to read in the last month or so, too.)
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Woohoo! Doing dinner theatre again this Thursday, this time with almost a week's notice. Which means I have time to, like, practice. And learn my songs. (Locomotion, anyone? Jump up, jump back?)

It feels like the summer's almost over, but we're hardly a month into it already. Maybe the fact that school is looming in the fall is making me feel like time is short. I think that's a sign that I should write out some goals for what I want to have finished by the end of the summer, and maybe figure out how to go about getting there.

I was going to type it, but for some reason this kind of thing feels better longhand to me.
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"When do I get to do this again?"

The answer, it seems, is: last night. With less than 45 minutes notice. Playing a different part (the one I'd originally been understudying for - you know, the one with way more lines and audience interaction?) With no time to study.

Holy. Crap. I'm still in shock. The show went really well, and everybody was impressed with how well I knew the lines and was holding down the character. And I might have to do it again on Saturday night (which would be fun - but I hope they don't need me. Otherwise, goodbye weekend.)

And now I need to go learn all the guitar parts in the next hour or two, so I can stand in for the guitar guy tonight and alternate as a bus boy.

I'm glad none of this is sinking in yet, otherwise I'd be hyperventilating right about... now.
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The show was great. No major screw-ups in the lines or the songs, and all night we were ad-libbing whenever the opportunity arose - which was often, since the show was doubling as a wedding reception. Seriously. They had the place all done up in their decorations, with the four-tier cake and the little gift bags and everything. It was insane, and we had absolutely no idea what we were doing half the time. In short, a pretty hilarious night.

Highlights include:

  • sitting backstage (which is hardly more than a closet) before the show and practicing "Don't Worry, Be Happy" a capella, knowing that wedding guests could hear us as they came up the stairs;
  • having to extend "The Locomotion" because the crowd got so into it they literally locomoted out the side door and back in again, led by the groom;
  • having people come to me to ask administrative questions because I was playing the part of the long-suffering wife who had organized the whole evening;
  • watching about 30% of the audience leave before the third act, because the speeches had been made and the cake had been served and they were pretty much ready to call it a night;
  • getting great laughs for my drinking-related lines ("I tell you what. We'll get you a lovely drink. Everything will start to look better. Remember that people! After a few drinks everything - and everyone! - will start to look better.")

My favourite quote of the evening:

"Oh man, I can't wait to go out there and hit on the bride."

That was Steve, who was playing the infamous lounge singer Stu Delay. And he did, too - I think he asked her what time she had to be back in Heaven.

And I made fifty bucks in tips (we pool them and average them out). Which ain't half bad, if I do say so myself.

So. Much. Fun. When do I get to do this again?
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All right, it's go time. Wish me luck, folks! (Read: Wish me a broken leg.) I promise there will be pics some day. No, really.

- Cass, a Great Hopeless Situation Warrior
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So, uh, I shaved my legs. For the first time in... two years? Probably longer. That was an adventure and a half. The things I do for art. I also did my nails... yes, my toenails, too. In pink. I look like I've been dipped in femme. It's pretty amusing.

Only a few hours to rehearsal, and then it's show time. I keep forgetting that I'm going to have to serve people food and drinks, too. Is it weird that that's the thing that has me the most nervous?

Oh, and has anyone else noticed that all Spam seems to be about these days is either the gaining or losing of inches?
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So, the role I'll probably be playing - mum's usual role - is that of a 40-something woman. At least, it's supposed to be. First off, this is funny because when I was in in High School I was always cast as old ladies or fat girls. 40* may not be old, but it's way older than me, at my spry 21. People often mistake me for 25. I don't think they'll readily accept me as being 40+.

So I have two favours of those folk on my friends list who are make-up inclined:

1) How can I make myself look older, for stage? I need something fairly subtle, since I'd also be close enough to people to wait on tables.


2) Help! I need to femme-ify myself. (Or, more accurately, heterosexual-married-woman-ify myself.) I have little idea as to how to do this. Y'all see my user icons. This is what I've got to work with. Help?

* Actually, I'm very tempted to change the supposed age of my character. They're supposed to have been married for around 20 years, but there's a line I can change that would make it much less, and much more believable. Besides, the original line goes: "We'd been married for 10 years at the time, and he was the nicest man I'd ever known." So I'd be sorely tempted to change it to: "We'd been married for two years at the time, and he was the nicest man I'd ever known." (beat) "Actually, he was the only man I'd ever known."
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An interesting development in the Dinner Theatre scene. Mum has a gig with her band next Saturday, which she told the Theatre folks about a long while back. They'd said that they'd be getting someone to understudy for her. So mum asked them after the show last night whether everything was set with the understudy.

Apparently, they don't have anybody to do it. They'd completely forgotten about mum's gig. They have someone who could do mum's acting, but what they really need is a bass player.

So guess who got volunteered?

Because I've spent so much time helping mum learn her lines, I know them already. I need to memorize the lyrics for the song mum sings ("Those Were the Days"), buy strings for my (read: mum's) Music Master bass (which is at least 15 years older than me, BTW), and practice 10 or so songs. I learned most of them last night.

Have I mentioned that I've never played bass on stage before? Like, ever? So this would, in essence, be my first ever gig. With just under a week to prepare.

I am confident. I am stoked. I will rock their socks off.


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