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Ugh. Man, I failed miserably at waking up this morning for class. Yeah, I had a late night, but geeze. Willpower = nada. I'm going to have to stick to a sleep cycle on the weekends that's at least somewhat similar to my school-day one. I can't afford to make a habit out of conveniently avoiding my Monday morning classes.

So I can't talk myself out of it, I'm posting a to-do list, in hope the fear of humiliating myself publicly will cause me to, uh, do stuff. )

I made turkey soup last night, and it is pretty frickin' awesome. I'm probably enjoying it extra-much because of the time of year.
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So, remember how I've been studying my ass off for school?

Intro to Sociology, Exam 1 (worth 20% of final grade): 92.5% (A+)
Intro to Psychology, Midterm 1 (worth 15% of final grade): 97.5% (A+)

Holy. Crap. I am feeling pretty good about this term so far. I am doing a jiggedy-jig and getting ready to, uh, keep studying. A lot.

In other news, I'm sick. EVERYBODY's sick, it seems. Even Strong Bad. Eerie.

So now I'm going to go watch This is Spinal Tap. And you can't stop me.
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As evidenced by the fact that I practically bounced my way out of school yesterday, I think I did well on the Exam. I was actually disappointed that the questions weren't more thorough. "But, but... I know more! Can I write in the margins? Can I write and answer my own short-answer question? THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO SAY!"

So now I'm studying for a Psych midterm on Monday. Yeee-haw!

Note that I am also drinking wine, chatting with lovely ladies, and watching episodes of Red vs Blue. Or I would be if their servers hadn't screwed up and renedered me new-episode-less until an undetermined time. Booo.
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I just spent the last three hours studying for my Sociology exam (the first of four - there's no final exam, though, thankfully. However, this means that 20% of my mark rests on this exam. Eek.) I hope I can referentially remember peoples' names somehow, because I can't even remember the names of half the people I KNOW, let alone long dead German men who liked to talk about social interaction at a class level.

In other news: Hey, [ profile] koaloha, and other uke fans? Should I go see this?
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I hope I'm not turning into one of those people who only updates once a week. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

School is going well. The campus is teeny tiny (my Junior High school was quite a bit bigger - then again, it was a freakishly sprawling Junior High.) There are maybe 3,000 students all told. About half of them are girls. So approximately 1,500 girls. Not that I've been counting. *cough*

Okay, here's the thing. I'm not a girl-watcher. I'm the most un-observant person on the planet. Usually I'll be walking with a friend (someone who isn't even INTERESTED in girls) and they'll say something like, "Wow, she was cute." And I'll be like, "Wait, when did we leave the house?"

So being in a position in which I can't possibly not see girls is kind of funny. So to speak.

And I'm meeting people, and developing grade-school-like crushes, and it's all very fine and good. And I'll hopefully be getting into an improv group with one of said vaguely-crushy friends, which will be fun no matter how endearingly hopeless I may be.
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So I studied. I am a good Cass. And when I came back to my online dithering, I decided to check my Academic Thingie on the webpage for the university and see if my icky failed course had been removed. (I didn't so much fail as not get un-registered properly. I dropped out after only a few classes.)

It's gone.

My GPA has been healed.

PRAISE THE LOA-DAH! (Or, more specifically, praise my Intro to Logic teacher, who fixed it. He is very awesome.)

When I'm in more of a writing mood I'll have to blather a bit about my courses and what they're like. But I don't feel like it right now.
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This post is coming to you from my home sweet home. Yes, the Internet is back, and it's better than ever. (Or, y'know, at least as good.) I finally got off my ass and - ta da! It has been FOREVER since I've had 'net access in my own apartment. (Is it bad that I, uh, didn't really notice much? Yeeeeeah.)

I'd post more stuff, but I need to be reading a million pages of Socliology now. I should read a bit more from my Mass Communication in Canada text book, but I simply cannot digest any more dithering about modes of communication at the moment. Sorry, my brain is full. Try again later.
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I'm seriously considering selling my computer and purchasing a laptop. I've been kicking this idea around for a few months now, but I'd put it on the backburner with the reasoning that "I'll use my computer someday."

Here's the thing - I have a video capture card, a nice (practically empty) 80gig HD, and a digital camcorder. I've been sitting on these things for several years now, telling myself that I'll start using them eventually. "Eventually" hasn't happened yet, and honestly, it isn't likely to happen any time in the near future - especially with school looming. I don't want to have another "I should be..." floating over my head while I'm busy cramming schoolwork down my throat.

A laptop would be great for school (typing notes on the go would be really, really nice, considering my handwriting sucks), and I've already proven to myself that I'll actually use it to write (I've been posting a story per week, or more, to [ profile] wordwhacker for the past two months). I don't need anything super snazzy - just reliable word processing and internet, and some really killer battery life. Once I have the time to devote to shooting/editing bad film, I can invest in some, ahem, more up-to-date technology (if what I've got isn't out of date by now, it will be by the time I get to use it.)

So, do you know what time it is? (No, it's not cruisin' time.) It's time for...

A poll! C'mon, click the pretty link, take the poll. You get to cliiiiick thiiiiings, as well as help me out. I'm even being nice and LJ-cutting it. So LOVE ME, dangit! )

Okay, people. Please help me out. If this is a good idea, I can probably do it without too much financial woe (I'll need to fork out for books already, anyway.) But if you think I should stick it out and take my notes by hand and work wit' what I got, let me know.
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I'm registered.

For the insanely curious (come on, you know you are) here are my courses:


Intro to Psychology I (MWF, 10:30-11:20)
Intro to Sociology (TTh, 1:00-2:20)
Metaphysics & Epistemology (MWF, 12:30-1:20)
Intro to Info & Communication (TTh, 10:00-11:20)
French for Immersion Students I (MW, 2:30-3:50)


Intro to Psychology II (MWF, 10:30-11:20)
French for Immersion Students II (MW, 2:30-3:50)
History - the British Experience (MWF, 11:30-12:20)
Intro to Business (T, 4:30-6:50pm)
English - Intro to Fiction (T, 7:00-9:30pm)

No classes before 10:00, yay! I should probably do a happy dance or something, but I'm tired. Bedtime for a few hours, I think. I can sleep happily knowing that I didn't wind up taking that "Intro to Canadian Politics" course. (Maybe eventually. I just don't want to get too depressed in my first year of University, y'know?)
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I have some prospective courses printed out, and some basic directions that hopefully I'll remember how to follow (it's been a while since I've been to the University campus.) If all goes well I'll get 'advised' tomorrow, and then I can actually *gasp* register. This should be interesting. Then I'll have some sort of idea as to exactly how insane my fall is going to be. I am hoping and praying I won't have any classes before 10AM - waking up at 6:30 for an 8:30 class after having worked nights forever would really, really hurt.

And then, after a few hours of sleep, I go off to play the VS Trading Card Game at Gamezilla. Yes, my weekly dose of social interaction is via a card game - but hey, what could be better than a game that lets you pit Marvel heroes and villains against DC ones? I even win sometimes, despite the fact that I've named my deck the "Deck of Perpetual Trouncing (for educational purposes)". What can I say - Dr. Doom kicks my ass.
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It's been a busy night here at work. We're a head short, and my only colleague has been stuck on a huge conference call for the past two hours. Which has left one person to front-end every single call that is being placed to IBM Canada: me. Joy of joys.

This wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't feeling inexplicably testy. Every call that comes in makes me want to tear someone's head off. After having eaten I feel a bit better, but not much. Once that conference call's over I think I'm going to take a long, long walk. Yes, even if it's 4AM.

In better news, I found out today that my parents have enough money saved to pay for my whole first year of university. !!! Wow. I knew they had a bit tucked away (they started a savings account when I was born), but I had no idea it was that much. Have I mentioned lately that I love my parents? Well, I do. A damn lot.
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So I talked to my boss last night about this whole "going to school full-time in the fall" thing. He's cool with it. Cool enough that I have definite part-time work until my contract is up (mid October), definite part-time work a year from now (after the "one year" clause from my contract work), and the possibility of part-time work for that intrim year, if some strings can be pulled. I think they like me.

Things seem to be falling into place. I think this is a good sign.

I need to get out to the university to talk to someone about what courses I should subject myself to, and talk to the parental units about funding and loans and that sort of fun stuff. Wee! (I'm really glad, now, I got all of that dental and ocular care out of the way early in the year.)

I take my driving permit test on Thursday morning. Yay! I guess should probably read the driver's handbook first, no?


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