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Phew! Okay, after going out with a bash, I think I'm done Pride-ing for this year. The parade was great, and was made even greater by these three things:

1) I marched in it, meaning that I still have never once watched a Pride parade
2) The group I marched with (the Queer Crafters - who totally own, by the way) crashed the parade, and
3) They were toting giant knitting and crocheting equipment, and actually making giant knitting as we marched.

How giant, you say? How does 75 gauge sound? Six feet high and at least a few inches in diameter. Yeah, they were knitting with rope. It was hilarious! I think someone made a comment about going fishing with it afterward. I wore a foam sign that had glitter on it which promptly grafted itself to every part of my body. (Hopefully some pics will find me - I was also wearing my New and Improved Big Gay Fedora, which got me a fair amount of attention - before the parade started people on the street kept asking me where it was starting. Too bad I'm an out-of-towner, eh?) I've gotta say, this was probably the most fun Pride experience I've had yet (though nothing will ever be quite as overwhelming as the throngs of crowds in NYC, I think.)

And now I need to start knitting again. My poor dishcloths, I have forsaken you!

Afterward, [ profile] nezchan rocked the house with her Drag King routines, and we eventually found our way home and consumed a frightening amount of salad and wine.

Now that's a Pride Sunday, by golly.


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