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I got a bass amp for my birthday. My parents didn't wrap it (now that would have been a challenge!) but they put a big red bow on it. I'm going to leave it there. I've named her Bertha, and she is my Badass Bass Amp.

I also got music: some essential Joni Mitchell, The Who, and Peter Gabriel. New music is something I don't indulge in enough, I think. I have a pretty impressive CD collection for someone who doesn't buy them very often.

Speaking of music, I think it's time for a poll (which I'd do fancy-schmancy-style except that it isn't dynamic enough for the question, really):

What musical instruments do you play, and/or what musical experience or training do you have?

I play: violin/fiddle, ocarina (though mine only has four holes, which may not be standard), acoustic guitar, electric guitar (not as well), and electric bass. I also sing. Other than the violin, I'm mostly self-taught.

I've taken lessons in, but haven't played in a long time: recorder, piano, viola, and baritone. (I'm confident that I could pick either a recorder or viola up and be playing it in short order, though.) I'm one of those annoying people who can get just about anything to make nice sounds, after a while - with the exception of reed instruments. (Though I haven't tried to play one in a dog's age.)

I'd like to learn to play the harmonica, and maybe slide trombone. Or mandolin. Maybe I should add a percussion instrument in there somewhere, too.
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Mum's Birthday bash was a load of fun. Not much more to say about it, really; there were lots of people and lots of music. It's always a bit intimidating playing in front of my relatives, who are so diversely talented and have way, way more experience than I do. But I'm being told by far better guitarists than I that I've come a really long way for only having played for a year and a half. Like, a scary long way. (Their words!) I think it's time to start pushing myself again and ride the learning curve.

I'm starting to get a lot more comfortable driving. Mum has been great about taking me out. I had a scary experience whereupon I rolled backward at a stoplight (I was on a steep hill, and driving the standard) and nearly hit the guy behind me (who was way too close to me to start with). I even stalled it once, and had to try again, having rolled back until I couldn't have been more than a couple of inches away from him. I was sure I was going to hit him. But I didn't! I figure if I can pull that off, I'm set for anything.

At this rate I think I'll be super-comfortable by the time I go for my license (at the beginning of October.)


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