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I'm starting to think that I've been fooling myself all these years. I'm an insecure extravert, that's gotta be it.

Had a great get together with local and not-so-local NaNo Folks last night which I'll ramble about a little behind here. )

(Herding writers IS like herding cats, incidentally - but in the end is worth it. Totally.)

In other news, I had my driving test this morning, which I'm happy to say I passed with flying colours. I am now a licensed driver. So I am now allowed out on the roadways by myself! Ph33r my l33t driving skillz!!1
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My poor mom. She's been really good about letting me drive all over the place, and I'm improving a lot (I haven't had an actual driving lesson for a while, but that'll be rectified on Thursday.) The thing is, she's really uncomfortable about not being in control of the vehicle, which I can totally understand. I know I'm driving well, but if I cut a corner a little close I see her arm go up in the corner of my eye, to grip the edge of the window. Or if I don't start braking as soon as my mom would, I see her foot start going, as though she's trying to psychically brake the car. It's kind of funny, actually, but I feel bad for her - I know she'd rather just be driving herself.

Luckily it'll only be a couple more months of this, and then I'll be able to drive by myself. Now THAT'LL be interesting.

I drove on a section of the highway, too! It was... surprisingly un-scary. I am very, very glad not to have to deal with LA or Toronto highways, lemme tell ya.
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Mum's Birthday bash was a load of fun. Not much more to say about it, really; there were lots of people and lots of music. It's always a bit intimidating playing in front of my relatives, who are so diversely talented and have way, way more experience than I do. But I'm being told by far better guitarists than I that I've come a really long way for only having played for a year and a half. Like, a scary long way. (Their words!) I think it's time to start pushing myself again and ride the learning curve.

I'm starting to get a lot more comfortable driving. Mum has been great about taking me out. I had a scary experience whereupon I rolled backward at a stoplight (I was on a steep hill, and driving the standard) and nearly hit the guy behind me (who was way too close to me to start with). I even stalled it once, and had to try again, having rolled back until I couldn't have been more than a couple of inches away from him. I was sure I was going to hit him. But I didn't! I figure if I can pull that off, I'm set for anything.

At this rate I think I'll be super-comfortable by the time I go for my license (at the beginning of October.)
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I was actually supposed to have another lesson today, but I postponed it until next week. Things have been crazy, and my sleep schedule is shot all to hell. So not having the lesson to worry about was a good thing. This will also, conveniently, give me plenty of time to practice with mum and build some on-road confidence.

So mum and I went back to the parking lot by my old Junior High, which has a big loop by way of driveway. And I went around it, and around, and around. I feel like a nascar driver. (But hey, my left turns are spot on!) The loop is also on a hill, so mum had me stopping and starting out on the hill, to get a really good feel for the clutch.

And then I drove us home! In the standard! Yay! I only stalled us once, at a four-way stop near the start of the trip. (I think I know why I did it, too - I had driven these roads in the automatic with my instructor, so my brain clicked me into driving-an-automatic mode. I temporarily forgot about that whole "you need the clutch to come to a complete stop" thing. Oops.)

I faced oncoming cars and did not fear. So there.
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Well, I'm a teensy bit miffed at my driving instructor, but I think I'm mostly just reeling a bit from having to figure out, first hand, just exactly how distractable I really am. I seem to be having a real problem with, y'know, watching the road. I get to an intersection and I have a hard time taking my eyes away from that ever-looming opposite street from whence I expect a car to leap out at me at any given moment. Oncoming cars are a particular menace. I don't have a feeling for where my car actually is on the road. Judging distance also eludes me, though I already knew that (is it 15 feet away? Is it 30? I couldn't tell you, to be honest.)

My instructor said to me... )

I like the guy, and I like that he's thorough and never lets me get away with anything (actually, I'm going to bug him to make me check my mirror more next time), and he always compliments me when I do things well. I really think that this is more a me problem, though I wish I had a better idea of what it was, or how to fix it.

Yeah, so obviously I'm going to be processing this for a while. Any feedback would be great.

It's probably a good thing that I'm going to see mum's Dinner Theatre show tonight with my grandmother. That'll be a great distraction. I'm looking forward to seeing it (and to the meal, to - they have great seafood, from what I've heard.)
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I drove! I drove, I drove! Okay, I know I made a post just like this, like, two days ago, but this is different. I drove the standard. With this being only my second time driving it (or stalling it, shall we say) I was able to get her rolling without so much as a jerk on a shimmy. I then proceeded to figure out how to shift it into second gear (a bunch of times!) without killing anybody. I am clearly destined to be a God of the Road. This is further evidenced by the fact that I didn't once run us into a ditch or over a curb, though one might have thought it likely a couple of times over the course of the evening, had one been watching. *cough*

In other news, I... uh... is there other news? Has my life disintegrated into nothing more than a desire to drive stick and eat well? Huh. How about that.
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My drivin' self has been unleashed upon the world. I went driving with mum the very day I got my permit - or, rather, went stalling. The family car is a standard, see, bottom-of-the-line with no power steering, no nothin'. So that was an adventure and a half. I think I'll have better luck next time, now that I've sat in the driver's seat, tried it out, and subsequently had a better idea of what to watch for while mum was behind the wheel, herself.

Today I drove with my actual driving instructor. The upside is that I've now actually experienced some, like, roads. Somewhat. The downside is that they do all instruction on automatics. So, okay, this is sort of good, because I don't have to learn how to shift AND drive at the same time. Therefore I can concentrate on things like hand-over-hand steering, at which I apparently sort of suck. But it would be nice to not have to learn to drive a standard after the fact, or seperately at the same time. Or something.

Anyway, I didn't hit anything, and sucked significantly less by the end of the lesson (I think), so there is Yay and Woot to be had.
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What a beautiful day it was, today. Mum was playing in her rock garden, so I went out to helpfully laze about on the grass nearby and give her aesthetic suggestions. I let an ant wander around on my arm while I watched. I used to be really skittish of bugs - still am, really - but I'm trying to wean myself out of it. Next step: spiders.

The Driver's Handbook is sitting next to me. I should be reading it, seeing as I'm writing the test tomorrow. But I don't wanna. It's boooooring. Boo. I'll try to paw through it a couple of times before my shift is over, anyway. As soon as I get out of work I get to take a brisk walk uptown (which is good - it'll wake me up) and write the test right away. I'm feeling fairly confident.

And then I'll be able to go driving with mum. I'm going to drive her nuts, begging to go places.


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