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On Thursday, my painting buddy bailed. I was going to go by myself after work, but I also had to get groceries. While getting groceries, I lost my iPod somewhere and didn't realize it until I'd walked back to the station. So, with my groceries in hand, I backtracked all the way to the store, where thank $deity my iPod was waiting for me. Walked back to the station, caught the bus home. By this time it was nearly 7pm, and I knew by the time I got changed and caught the bus that I wouldn't be in the space and ready to start painting until after 8. So I decided to stay home and get a couple of things done there instead.

Friday was awesome date with [ profile] amplepie who I don't even think uses LJ, but she has a journal registered so I get to link to her and be all cool.

Saturday [ profile] epi_lj picked us up so we could go put a hole in [ profile] amplepie's face. The medusa piercing looks cool! Then we went for sushi. I always forget that all you can eat sushi turns into an "all you can bloat" affair, but maybe because of *mumble mumble moon cycles* it lasted WAY longer than usual this time. I wasn't feeling well enough to do much of anything for the rest of the day, so I napped and grumbled and tried not to beat myself up too much.

Sunday! Today! I slept in a little and had a breakfast, then headed over to my new place a little after noon. And IT HAPPENED! I STARTED PAINTING! I got the ceiling all done in about three hours, then stopped for supper and to give my dad a call for Father's Day. My right arm was pretty sore but I wanted to get at least a couple more hours of work done on the walls.

Aaaaand that's when I discovered that I'd bought the wrong kind of paint. It's an accent base, apparently. Goes on clear. Thank you but I can achieve the same results by DOING NOTHING.

So now I need to take my paint back and exchange it for the right kind. I'd have done it tonight but the store had just closed. This will eat into my painting time tomorrow and will either involve carting heavy paint cans around on TTC or spending 20$ on cabs to the store and then to the apartment. But I should have my painting buddy back, and even if we don't get it 100% done tomorrow I should be able to finish it up another evening this week by myself if need be.

Ceiling looks pretty good, though, not gonna lie.

Getting home earlier than expected also gave me enough time to catch up on my budget, dishes, and laundry. And livejournal, naturally. I think I'm going to spend 20 minutes taking blankets off my walls and bagging them up (and maybe removing the hooks) and then call it a night.
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Sooooo my painting partner for tonight bailed. Not her fault, she had to work and completely forgot. Still, I sensed it coming somehow. So I'll definitely need to put in a chunk of time on the weekend (probably both days) in addition to tonight.

My revised goals for tonight: get groceries, do a little cleaning at the new place, and paint the ceiling. Once I'm done that, I'll have a better idea how long the other stuff will take. I'll head back in on Saturday once I'm done adventuring with [ profile] epi_lj and [ profile] amplepie. (I'm getting her a Medusa piercing for her birthday! And then sushi! Sushi for all!)

I'm both looking forward to painting and sort of want to be DONE painting, so I'm a little sad about losing my painting buddy. But I got to physically recoup, and I did a bunch of voice work over the last couple of nights which will contribute to an extra payday in July. I also got a bunch of laundry and dishes done and caught up with my folks. So I didn't fall behind so much as... strafe?
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This move is rapidly sneaking up on me.

I did not get a hair cut over the weekend. I think I'll save it for a treat once I'm done moving. Man that's gonna feel nice.

Bought paint for the apartment. Eggshell white, nothing fancy. Also nothing that I'd have to paint back when I leave. The landlords are paying for it, so it's all good. I strong-armed a couple of my friends (one of whom has rented a car for a few days) into helping me pick up supplies and doing cleaning/painting prep. Okay, so I bribed them with some Five Guys burgers, which were pretty phenomenal (if still a bit overpriced.)

We were going to go back today to start painting but I was so bagged when I got home last night, and I have a bunch of voice work to do in a relatively short time frame (it never rains but it pours, man). So we're going Thursday instead, and depending on how much progress we make that evening I can plan to go back over the weekend.

On top of the moving madness I had a very great, very social weekend and got to see some faces I sorely missed. And I did a little joke writing, which holy crap, is really fun you guys.

It's nice to be busy again.

Also nice: not feeling totally overwhelmed by all of this.
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Ever have a day where your hair looks like crap but feels AMAZING? That's my day. I washed and conditioned it last night and it's soft as fuuuuuck, but it's flipping in weird directions and is way too long and every time I look in the mirror I'm like OH GOD NO. I don't think I can wait. I need to make a hair cut happen this weekend.

And I reeeeally want to change styles. I've basically had the same one for... 10 years? I'm finding myself drawn to the trendy thing of buzzing the sides and leaving the top long(ish - I don't think I'm up for the super pointy / pompadour styles). It might even make sense to invest in a simple pair of trimmers so I can maintain it between haircuts. I haaate when it starts growing over my ears. My hair grows fast but I can't bring myself to cut it more often than every 2+ months.

I am - slowly, gently - trying to get back in the habit of writing. I've been blocked for a long time. The hardest thing is setting reasonable expectations for myself. The temptation to bite of waaaaaay more than I can chew and then choking is strong. Little bites, Cass. Teensy bites.
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Lease signed. First and last paid.

I should be getting the keys tomorrow and paying that half month of rent that gives me access to the place early. Might even get some measuring done so I can start to plan in earnest.

Finally got a bit of sorting and purging done, and even a little packing. Lots of stuff to donate, not a whole lot to throw away yet (though I'm chucking the computer desk I'm currently sitting at, so that'll be a thing.)

Tomorrow I need to get off my butt and list my (new in the box) BBQ on Craigslist or something, get a few more bucks to put toward decorating the new place and get it out of the way. The voice work is also picking up a bit (not uncommon for June) which is nice. I like getting some funds trickling in that I can turn into actual money if need be, but often I keep at least a chunk of that balance on reserve for online purchases like games in the bi-annual Steam sales.

I should've gone to bed an hour ago but I opted for a shower instead, now I'm waiting for at least minimal hair drying before I put my head on my pillow.
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I got nothing done this weekend. Well okay, I went out on Saturday and accomplished the harrowing task of buying new shoes. And on Sunday I got groceries. And did a laundry. And made a spaghetti sauce. OKAY SO I DID A FEW THINGS. But moving prep? Nada. Zippo. GIANT GOOSE-EGG.

I thought that having a definite end date would help light a fire under me. It's not like I haven't wanted to do this exact thing (go through my stuff and PURGE! PURGE! PURGE!) even before I found out I had to move. But the threat of moving seems to have done nothing to my ability to put my nose to the grindstone.

Maybe I need to break it down into itty bitty tiny projects. I thought I'd gotten small enough with "desk" and "dresser," but maybe if I zoom in on "top surface of dresser" and "left shelf of desk" it'll be less daunting to get started.

(This tends to work out for me when it comes to dishes - if they're plied haphazardly they turn into a pile of NOPE and getting started is hard. So I give myself the task of organizing my dirty dishes. By the time the recycling has been weeded out and they've been stacked in piles, I often just wind up doing them right away. But if not, they're significantly less scary for later.)
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Met with the landlords. They seem cool, and cool with me. They're calling my current landlord in the next couple of days, and then they'll send me a lease, and then we will be at FULL 100% THUNDERMOVE ARE GO.

It was great getting a chance to see the space again. After all the wacky places I saw after it, it was even better than I remembered. There are bulkheads and weird things, yes. But it's cleaner and it's nice and bright in there and it's bigger than my spatial memory had me believe. My giant orange couch will fit there. MY GIANT ORANGE COUCH WILL FIT THERE.

I'm a little tempted to paint it. I haven't painted a space of mine since I did my room in blue when I was probably twelve or so. With it sitting there empty for a few weeks, it'd be a perfect opportunity.
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After looking through the quotes I was sent and doing some poking around online, I went with Sem's Movers. I'm doing a Saturday, June 25 9AM move. That should give me Saturday evening to unpack and settle in, and Sunday to probably go grocery shopping and maybe get any odds and ends that came up.

I think the only other thing move-wise that I'm going to put myself on the hook for tonight is coming up with a rough schedule for getting stuff done before and after the move. Tomorrow = landlords = 100% COMMITMENT (as long as, again, they're not secretly with Hydra.)

But Maya is demanding ALL THE PETS so I'm going to acquiesce to some kitty time for now.
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I wound up changing my meeting with the landlords to tomorrow (Wednesday) evening so I can meet them both at once. Had a brief moment of panic when they quoted me a higher rental price and a "no pets" clause (the guy I'm taking over the lease for paid 25$ less and had a dog). After a brief, tiny freakout I wrote a polite letter requesting to take over the lease at the same amount the other guy was paying, and brought up the pet thing. (Definitely channeled [ profile] clawfoot on that one - I haaaate asking for things.)

Long story short, I've got it at the original price until October and then my own lease will start and they'll raise the rent the legal amount they can, because this city continues to blow my mind with its current rate of rental inflation. And we're pretty sure the cat thing won't be a problem - she's a short haired cat (and she's practically bald on her tummy, it's all pink!) and I was planning on investing in a more pet hair suckin' vacuum anyway.

Asking for things: the new cool thing to do!TM

Crisis averted, though I was reeeally hoping to get this set in stone tonight so I can make Official Style Plans. I think I'll still try to get a move on movers (ha!) tonight, book an in-home estimate with one or two of the more promising options.


In other news, I dropped my phone yet again last night and cracked the screen. Hooooray. It's still functional, but ugh. I have way too many expenditures coming up, a phone was officially Not Part of My Financial Plan. So I guess I'll be reading Cracked articles through a glimmery spider web for a while to come.
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Got a polite response from my #1, saying they'd rented it out for the first of June. As I expected.

Which means that my old #2 is now the new #1! Meeting the landlords Tuesday evening with a bundle of references and credit check stuff. I'm also going to try to get back into the apartment itself and do some measuring, maybe take a few pictures, so I can start to plan.

Here's hoping they're not secretly members of Hydra.

Wish me luck!
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So I'll continue procrastinating a bit by making a livejournal entry.

I'm about 98% sure that I'm settled on a place to move into. It's amazing to me that in all the hundreds of places I saw online and the dozen I actually thought were worth my time, only three turned out to be viable options.

#3 on the list is the one with the pros and cons I posted about the other day. That was a really helpful exercise. In the end I don't think it's quite right for me. If I was moving with no furniture and could pick stuff that suited it, it might rank higher.

#2 is the second place I looked at, and is the 98% place mentioned above. I still have to meet the landlords and make sure they're not, like, horrible people, and hash out the final details. Of the three places it's the best in terms of features, location, and price I need, but the worst in terms of the inherent jankiness of basement dwelling. Low ceilings, places you have to duck, weird bulkheads, and the most hilarious bathroom/closet situation ever. But the space will fit my stuff, unlike #3 up there, AND has a little office/recording space.

#1, however, is a place I saw a couple of weeks ago, and has since then been the gold standard to which I hold all other apartments (and to which they all pale in comparison). It was perfect in practically every way - the only downside is a narrow alleyway to the apartment door, which is my least favourite thing in Toronto apartments. The location, price (a bit higher than #2), and features were just right, the layout was perfect, and it had both a bedroom AND a little recording/office space. Augh! So great. But of course it was empty and they were hoping to get someone in for June 1.

So while #2 is available and will totally work for me, I called and left a message with the landlord from my #1, juuuuust in case. I'll be surprised if someone hasn't snapped it up, but who knows? Maybe an arrangement fell through and a June 15 move would make sense now.

I mean, probably not, but at least then I'll have closure and I can move into #2 without that nagging feeling of "should I have tried harder for #1?"
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Saw two apartments today. One was meh - fine, not quite the right space for me. The other though has me conflicted. So I'm gonna write out my thoughts and maybe add a bit tomorrow.

+ LOCATION. It's a freaking beautiful neighborhood
++ It's also a five minute walk from High Park
++ It's a 3 minute walk from Roncesvalles, which means
+++ Restaurants a plenty
+++ Fruit/veggie marts and a little Sobeys
+++ TTC by way of King street cars (up to Dundas West or down to the downtown)
+++ Also close to the lakeshore
++ My commute to work shouldn't be more than 5-10 minutes longer than it currently is
- Will have extra travel time required in the winter
+ Price - it's on the low end of my budget (NEED TO CHECK ABOUT THE UTILITIES, I totally forgot)
+ Pet friendly
+ Laundry on site
- Laundry is paid - 2.50$ per load
-- Laundry room has a separate entrance that requires leaving the house and walking around to the back
+++ Half of the space (kitchen/living area) is ABOVE GROUND with NICE BIG WINDOWS
- No AC
- The bedroom is down a set of stairs on a lower level directly below the main one
+ Smallish but decent sized bedroom
-- The main living space (kitchen/living room) is on the small side
-- And due to the aformentioned stairs, it's a little awkward
---- Which means that my new, giant couch is probably not going to work there >:(
+ A fair bit of storage space
- Bathroom is pretty small
+ (but surprisingly functional, and on the main level)
- hardwood floors upstairs
- fridge is a mini-fridge with a tiny freezer
+ small deep freeze is available in the laundry room
- not much counter space
+ reasonable bit of cupboard space
- the stairs outside are a bit janky
+ landlord lives on site, other tenants are quiet folks with day jobs
+ solid soundproofing
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I just had a small slip in my shower, while I was getting into it. I didn't fall but the one foot I'd put in slid way out to the side. I bashed my left middle knuckle grabbing the wall and my left shin conked against the tub pretty good - both still hurt. Mostly I'm feeling like WOW that could have been worse. I'm usually hyper careful when getting into the shower but my brain was in another place. Thinking about moving stuff, I think.

Still looking at apartments, about one in four of which are actually viable. I still haven't settled on movers yet. I've decided that if I find the right place and it's available mid-June, I'll take it early. That'll let me pick the cheapest date for movers and give me some time to do prep / cleaning on both ends. Especially since my folks are coming to visit right after, it would be nice to have a small chance to settle in and make it feel more like a functional home.

I'm glad I got my tax return and hadn't spent it or allocated it before I got the notice that I had to move. Even though I'm mad that I'm having to devote resources to do something I didn't want to do, at least I had those resources to start with. Once I'm moved, two things are going to happen for sure:

  • I'm going to buy myself something FUN, and

  • I'm going to FINALLY get off my ass and get measured for that suit.
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    I keep saying that and then I keep staying up past midnight. Luckily (?) my body seems to want me up in the 6-6:30 kind of range, so at least getting out of bed is happening. But I need a full eight tonight if I can manage it. For my sanity.

    Saw another place today - it would do if they didn't really want someone in for the first of June. Lots of that lately, but more July stuff should start popping up soon. It was nice to get out and see another area of the city, though. And get some sun and some exercise. Maybe a bit too much exercise and too much sun too fast, because I was too wiped afterward to get groceries. Hopefully it'll help me sleep at least.

    I'm bad at self care? Like, I think I need to reevaluate what that word even means for me. I tend to default to 'DO NOTHING' and turning into a let's play watching zombie. Which would be fine sometimes. Not every times. When I got home tonight, feeling utterly wiped and overwhelmed at the thought of functioning, I decided to try something just sliiiightly different. I put on a show on Netflix.

    Earth-shattering, I know. But I've been having problems of late with being afraid of investing in regular narrative structure stuff. Fun fact: the narrative structure of a sitcom can't hurt me! Imagine that. Anyway, it wound up being a very "kid gloves" way of making me feel a little accomplished, and with that momentum I took a shower and clipped my talon-like toenails. Y'know, like, ACTUAL self care?

    And now I have a kitty in my lap, so obviously all is well.
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    I saw two places yesterday. One is a no-go - the space is just too small for me, and it doesn't have laundry in. I've decided I'm only budging on that front if literally everything else about a place is perfect, including the price. Too bad, because the location was pretty great (2-3 minutes walk to Broadview station) and the landlord seemed like a good dude.

    The other one, though, I fell in love with a little. The layout is functional, it actually seems like it was competently built and the cupboards and bathroom and such are nice, and it has a little den that would be perfect as a recording space. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much so I'm not crushed if it doesn't pan out, but I am definitely making it super clear to the landlord that I am hella interested and that he'd be nuts not to go with me as a tenant.

    I feel like I need to make a bigger effort to be the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, y'know? I'm so loathe to ask for things for fear of putting people out. Well, too bad for them if they get put out. I need to start asking for things, even if the answer is no, because I'm worth the effort. Why am I so afraid of a measly "no"? Especially since, by not asking or doing or trying, I'm guaranteeing a "no."

    Yeah, I hate vapid motivational statements about "choosing not to choose is still a choice" and blah blah, and in practice there are PLENTY of things for which a default "no unless you can prove this is safe / worth my time" makes sense. But for me lately that's included literally everything. Like investing in a narrative. If "should I watch this comedy show?" is defaulting to "no, can't get invested, too scary" then there is a problem.
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    It was nearly impossible to get out of bed today. Woke up feeling physically gross, and in a very low mood for the first time in about a week. Probably just fallout from the CAMH thing combined with the complete schedule flip and a rebellious uterus. But it became a nice, slow evening at work again, the weather's beautiful, and I had a nice little chat with my grandmother on my break. Might call my folks when I get home.

    Tomorrow is going to be busy. I'm checking out two apartments and then going to a party where I might get to do some improv, if I'm feeling up to it. I'm not holding myself to it because otherwise I might psyche myself out. Either way, seeing people will be good for me. I can sense it.
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    Apparently it's a College Humor thing.

    Case in point: I'm considering hiring movers rather than renting a truck and whining for help from friends. Because even though I know I have friends who can/will help me move, and I technically can rent a truck or a van and drive it myself, I don't wanna I don't wanna I don't wanna. I don't want to make people do all my lifting and I don't wanna stress about driving and parking and returning vehicles. I would GLADLY pay someone to handle this crap for me.

    (I might enlist friends to help a little with packing and/or cleaning, though. So now's your chance to book the July 1st weekend out of town and escape, you savvy LJ few!)

    Funnily enough I remembered [ profile] clawfoot talking about getting movers back in 2011, so I looked up her LJ posts about it for inspiration and to see who she'd gone with. Apparently the answer is "nobody" and the eventual outcome was "THE MOVE FROM HELL" so this only strengthens my desire to make the moving part Someone Else's Damn Problem. (Though my move's gonna be way simple in comparison, since it's a summer move, it'll be within the GTA, my couch can come apart if it has to, and I am a wannabe minimalist monk.)

    Oh, and I had an CAMH assessment appointment this morning which concluded with a look into some depression/mood managing options. I should hear from my doctor in a couple of weeks to flesh that out. Talking about that stuff is emotionally draining. I'm SO glad it's been a slow evening at work (I traded shifts to get the morning off) so I can just pick through Kijiji for apartment ads and be a vegetable between calls.
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    I'm trying to get back in the swing of cooking actual meals. I was pretty good last week, though I leaned on a store-bought lasagne for some of my suppers - good in a pinch, but I don't want to make a habit of it. So chicken, baked potatoes, and carrots tonight. Some of Grammy Ruby's pickles. Good ol' comfort food.

    I have to fight the part of my brain that just wants the move to be over and thinks that I should pack NOW NOW NOW and not have fresh food in the house. Like, brain, I've got six weeks before I need to start doing serious fridge revisions. Chill.

    Tonight I'm checking out another place. It's probably going to be a no-go because they're hoping to get someone in for June 1st, but I'm going anyway because I think the exercise of checking out new areas and looking at places and seeing what exists out there is good for me. And who knows? Maybe they'll fucking love me. It's possible! I'm pretty loveable. (Clearly my brain is in a good place tonight if I'm thinking stuff like that.)

    Work... is work. Nothing new. I have to get into a little bit of a zen state every day but usually I manage to at least feel neutral about it. I'm 32 and I still don't really know how people actually decide on careers. How do you find out what jobs exist? How do you find out what skills you have that match up with those theoretical jobs? How do you find out what you want to do?
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    It's not far from where I'm living now - Dufferin and Davenport. I'm trying to sort out how I feel about it.

    The location and price are good*, the landlords (who I haven't yet met - the guy showing the place is looking for someone to take over the lease) are apparently quite hands off despite living right upstairs, it's pet friendly and there's very convenient laundry onsite (with some reasonable restrictions.) There's some storage room as well.

    But the space is wonky as heck - ceilings are low, you generally have to duck when moving between rooms. The only closet space where stuff can be hung up is in the bathroom, which is also weird. Shower only, though that's okay for me. The place has a sort of a janky vibe - rough around the edges, you know? And grimy, but the guy hasn't cleaned it yet, and he's going to.

    The "bedroom" is basically a large closet - technically you could fit a bed in there, but probably nothing else. I actually am thinking that I could use that space as an office / recording booth and put my bed in an enclave-type area of the main space. That'd probably work out real well for sound proofing/absorption, but the downside is I'd lose that little private bedroom area that doesn't matter as much to me, but that impacts my potential guests (I was FINALLY going to get to use my bedroom for this purpose when my folks came to visit, but NOOooOoo.) They probably don't care? But it's a real consideration. I can't afford a two bedroom unless I find a place waaaaay out Etobicoke way.

    And again, basement = not a ton of light + NO outside space again. Sigh.

    Oh, and I forgot about Mother's Day because it's weirdly early this year and I've been out of it. Bleh.

    * I'm still adjusting to the new "good" - from what I'm seeing, prices are up at least 30% from what they were three years ago. If my landlord is pulling a fast one to get me out so he can re-list at a better price for him, I will be incredipissed.
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    Today was a bit of a "flat" day - the odd burst of sadness, the odd moment of annoyance, but mostly just... "meh, whatever." I'm trying to roll with it.

    Listings are still mostly June focused, but I'm going to check out a potential July place this weekend. I negotiated a July 2nd morning move, so I'll have the July 1 holiday to do my last minute packing, prep, and cleaning. I might even book a vehicle in the next little while. A van might do it - I don't have much stuff. Need to take a few measurements and do some thinking. And depending on the new place, the couch may need to come apart. Luckily (?) I remember vividly how it went together, having juuuuust done it.

    I wanted to renew my passport because it's expiring this month, but now I think I might put it off until I've moved. One less thing to stress about, and I don't have any plans to travel south of the border (or elsewhere) anytime soon. I do need to renew my health card, though. By my birthday, which is July 8. Ugh, so awkward.

    Work was all right today. I got to do some voice recording (in french!) that netted me an hour off the phone, which was soundly appreciated. I had some actual paid voice work that I finished up last night, as well. That's one thing about the new place: it's going to need a place for me to record. I'd like to get set up to capture console footage and record while playing with friends, like everybody else on YouTube. It's not original, but it sounds fun, and it's a project. Projects are good.
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