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I was doing NaNoWriMo this year, but I realized fairly early on that my project didn't interest me enough. Writing in general isn't interesting me much lately. Is anything? I'm having trouble figuring out if my lack of focus is genuine confusion, or self-preservation from potential failures, or a symptom of a separate mental or physical ailment. Or something else entirely.

Work is fine, but it's getting boring, and while I'm doing okay moneywise I'm not making enough to put a real dent in any of my debt. It's frustrating, and overwhelming when I'm in a bad headspace. HOWEVER. My manager sidled up to me in the lunch room the other day to put a bug in my ear about a job opening. It has... some pretty big cons, but also some pros. Might as well put 'em in a list!

- more dealing with customers, particularly ones who are irate enough to want to cancel
- lots more micromanagement when it comes to certain targets and statistics
+ pays better, and if the aforementioned micromanaged targets are met/exceeded, bonuses are a thing
+ no more weekends ever, including holidays
+ no shifts that start before 8am or end after 8pm

Basically I'd be working harder, but with better hours, and making more. Would I hate it? I dunno. I feel like if they train me well and if I'm given the right tools, I could do it. And it's not like I couldn't shift to something else down the line if it wasn't turning out to be my cup of tea.

At any rate, I applied for it, so we'll see what happens. If I get an interview I plan on being incredibly upfront about where I stand. If they don't go for me, then no harm, no foul.
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