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My friend Kat is visiting from out of town with her partner and their two kids. One of them is almost four (Q), the other is five months old (E). It's been fun! And INTERESTING. I've had them over to my place a couple of times. Kids! In my apartment!

We went to a baseball game on Saturday, then stumbled back to my air conditioned pad to order food and chill. My video games were a hit with Q. It's weird having a tiny person know my name and ask me to play my video games and stuff. I felt bad that I didn't have any actual toys for him to play with, so the next day I popped down to Dufferin Mall and found a little car and track thing for less than twenty bucks. I figure I'll keep it in storage for the next time they come. (I also got a new frying pan, which I'd been putting off for some reason. The promise of imminent steaks compelled me to get on it.)

And of course we had to do all you can eat sushi yesterday, which was delicious (and for once I didn't stuff myself into oblivion). More hanging out at my pad, some driving adventures, and a nice evening on a patio chatting and drinking beers.

All of this has been lovely, but after the past few months of moving/hosting/visiting I am starting to feel a little burned out. Though it's also possible that the underlying depression/anxiety stuff (which I'd juuuust started to try and get a grip on before I was galvanized into apartment-related action) is doing the burning. Maybe it's a little bit of both.

Either way, after the coming weekend I should have a little time to myself. I want to finish setting up my apartment: set up my office, put up my pictures/art, and put that last coat of paint on my kitchen cupboards. (And ask to be reimbursed for the paint and paint supplies, which I've been putting off. Who knows why.) I sort of want to do more, but I'm prone to over-plan, so I'll leave it at that.
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