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Since Canada day, I've been busy.

The stupendous [ profile] epi_lj picked me up on July 2nd and we went all over the city obtaining things for my new apartment. It was a long, tough, but all together pretty great day.

The next day I puttered around and got the place as put together as I could in preparation for my folks arriving the next day.

My new place wound up being a good fit for three people, which was a huge relief. There wasn't much head-bonking on the weird bulkheads, the kitchen table sat three of us beautifully, and my folks were comfortable in the bed. And I was surprisingly happy sleeping on the couch for nine nights in a row - I wasn't counting down the days until I could sleep in my bed again. I'll be pretty comfortable offering it as a crash space for guests, which is a big feature that I was afraid I'd lose out on when I had to move. (This place will be WAY better for parties, too. I'd really like to host people more often.)

The vacation was a nice balance of sleeping in / having relaxed mornings and getting out and doing a lot of fun stuff. We saw a Jays game and went to Hamilton for a CFL game, we ate amazing food and drank amazing beers, and I got to have an awesome birthday celebration with a huge percentage of my favourite people all talking and laughing together.

I've been a little depressed since my mom and dad left, not in small part because I'm back to work at my talking-heavy job and I have a sore throat. Really looking forward to a low key weekend to recover.
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