Jun. 27th, 2016 09:18 am
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The move! It's done!*

I couldn't be happier that I went with movers. They were there at 9AM on the dot with the truck, whereupon I put the kitty in the bathroom for a little while. (Later, when they were mostly done but one of the guys needed to use the bathroom, I put her in the livingroom window so she would have a little enclave that she could observe from, but that was too high to jump out of.) For me the move was mostly answering questions and staying out of the way.

My kitchen table needed to have the legs removed, and my couch wound up getting mostly taken apart in order to get it into the new place. They put both of them back together, no problems. They also brought up my old computer desk which I'm throwing out so I didn't have to lug it to the curb myself. All in all the move took two and a half hours. Including tip, I paid 385$. WORTH IT.

Not long afterward, the amazing [ profile] clawfoot and the wonderful [ profile] epi_lj came and helped move my kitty to the new place. Kitty!

I haven't unpacked much. I was a zombie for most of the rest of Saturday, and Sunday was [ profile] amplepie's birthday party! It was nice to have an afternoon of sitting around relaxing with cool people after the silly week leading up to my move.

On my way home I stopped by the old place and picked up a few things - most importantly, my Bell modem (router? Thing? MAGICAL INTERNET BOX) so I can get the internet set up at my new place tonight. YAY!

*I still need to go back and collect one or two little things, put a bunch of stuff in the recycling/garbage bin, take my art off the walls, do some minor paint repair, and clean. But this is small potatoes.
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