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So I told my landlords a week or so ago that I was moving in early. Maybe I did the thing where I didn't use firm language ("maybes" and "probablies" abound), or maybe they're just really bad at focusing on getting things done, but the long and the short of it is this: my shower won't be ready until about a week after I move in.

Yes, this puts it at a July 1-type date. Which means I can shower at my other place until then, at least, and it'll be up and running (literally) when my folks come to town. But seriously, guys. The apartment has been vacant for a month and a half. You couldn't have started on this shit earlier?

Anyway. I have elected to be a good sport, if only for the benefit of my own mental health.

My painting buddy bailed again! I can't really blame her, she twisted her ankle at work the night before and was hoping it'd be back to normal by painting time. Totally fair. But you know how certain people... you just plan for them to bail on you 75% of the time? I love her dearly, but she is one of those types.

Luckily I had the incomparable and awesome [ profile] epi_lj on my side! We picked up a rug that I bought on a lark (impulsive decisions, so unlike me!) and spent a solid three hours finishing up the painting. It looks pretty good. The fronts of the cupboards could use another coat, so I will probably do that some evening next week. That'll be a pretty small job.

The oven is, as I described it last night, "capital G gross." So gross that I texted the previous tenant with a wee bit of a guilt trip. So gross that I am sorely tempted to hire someone to clean it. But I told myself that I was forgoing cleaners because I'm paying for movers, and I'd like to keep my costs down. And as I was saying to [ profile] epi_lj last night, doing this sort of thing - painting, cleaning, whatever - helps to make a space feel like it's yours. So maybe it's time to learn how to deep clean an oven.

Tonight: major packing. My most elusive targets are the little things that I've been letting my eyes slide over for the past couple of weeks. Time to go, little things. Time to go.


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