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I had a painting buddy last night! After we exchanged my wrong paint (apparently only one can was wrong? It was hard to tell because apart from a tiiiiny bit of text the cans were EXACTLY THE SAME) and had a quick McDonald's supper on the benches outside at Dundas West station, we finally got to work. In two hours we got about half the apartment painted. Man, it's nice to have a buddy.

It's looking as good as I can hope for - the previous paint job was pretty crappy, so I can't fix everything. But it's better. I'm hoping to get a chance to do a second coat on a couple of areas.

Wednesday we're going back and [ profile] epi_lj is joining us for ROUND 3!

(I'd like to paint the bathroom at some point, because it's dumb and blue, but that's a battle for another day.)

  • My most dreaded task: going through my costumes. I haven't worn them in years and I don't really have anything worth keeping. Still, that little "but someday!" voice is going to be hard to shut up.

  • I have a couple of boxes under my bed with some shoes and such in them, need to decide what to donate and what to chuck.

  • A small army of pens and knick knacks have assembled on my computer desk. Need to actually pack them, and throw out the crappy ones.

  • I went through my fridge and cupboards before garbage day, so they're mostly empty of useless stuff. I need to get creative and use some stuff up this week so I don't have to move it. I think I'll make a soup out of some of the stuff in my freezer tonight.

  • Donating stuff: gotta consolidate everything and arrange a time to have stuff picked up by the Clothesline folks. Saves me a trip to Value Village.

  • Electronics and cords and madness! Time to pack the game systems and microphones and such, though maybe I'll keep the PS3 plugged in so I can put my feet up and watch Netflix.

I think that's plenty for tonight. This is my "day off" from painting after all. I've also been skimping on sleep the past couple of nights, so I need to try to put myself to bed a little early.
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