Jun. 10th, 2016

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Lease signed. First and last paid.

I should be getting the keys tomorrow and paying that half month of rent that gives me access to the place early. Might even get some measuring done so I can start to plan in earnest.

Finally got a bit of sorting and purging done, and even a little packing. Lots of stuff to donate, not a whole lot to throw away yet (though I'm chucking the computer desk I'm currently sitting at, so that'll be a thing.)

Tomorrow I need to get off my butt and list my (new in the box) BBQ on Craigslist or something, get a few more bucks to put toward decorating the new place and get it out of the way. The voice work is also picking up a bit (not uncommon for June) which is nice. I like getting some funds trickling in that I can turn into actual money if need be, but often I keep at least a chunk of that balance on reserve for online purchases like games in the bi-annual Steam sales.

I should've gone to bed an hour ago but I opted for a shower instead, now I'm waiting for at least minimal hair drying before I put my head on my pillow.
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Ever have a day where your hair looks like crap but feels AMAZING? That's my day. I washed and conditioned it last night and it's soft as fuuuuuck, but it's flipping in weird directions and is way too long and every time I look in the mirror I'm like OH GOD NO. I don't think I can wait. I need to make a hair cut happen this weekend.

And I reeeeally want to change styles. I've basically had the same one for... 10 years? I'm finding myself drawn to the trendy thing of buzzing the sides and leaving the top long(ish - I don't think I'm up for the super pointy / pompadour styles). It might even make sense to invest in a simple pair of trimmers so I can maintain it between haircuts. I haaate when it starts growing over my ears. My hair grows fast but I can't bring myself to cut it more often than every 2+ months.

I am - slowly, gently - trying to get back in the habit of writing. I've been blocked for a long time. The hardest thing is setting reasonable expectations for myself. The temptation to bite of waaaaaay more than I can chew and then choking is strong. Little bites, Cass. Teensy bites.


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