May. 29th, 2016

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So I'll continue procrastinating a bit by making a livejournal entry.

I'm about 98% sure that I'm settled on a place to move into. It's amazing to me that in all the hundreds of places I saw online and the dozen I actually thought were worth my time, only three turned out to be viable options.

#3 on the list is the one with the pros and cons I posted about the other day. That was a really helpful exercise. In the end I don't think it's quite right for me. If I was moving with no furniture and could pick stuff that suited it, it might rank higher.

#2 is the second place I looked at, and is the 98% place mentioned above. I still have to meet the landlords and make sure they're not, like, horrible people, and hash out the final details. Of the three places it's the best in terms of features, location, and price I need, but the worst in terms of the inherent jankiness of basement dwelling. Low ceilings, places you have to duck, weird bulkheads, and the most hilarious bathroom/closet situation ever. But the space will fit my stuff, unlike #3 up there, AND has a little office/recording space.

#1, however, is a place I saw a couple of weeks ago, and has since then been the gold standard to which I hold all other apartments (and to which they all pale in comparison). It was perfect in practically every way - the only downside is a narrow alleyway to the apartment door, which is my least favourite thing in Toronto apartments. The location, price (a bit higher than #2), and features were just right, the layout was perfect, and it had both a bedroom AND a little recording/office space. Augh! So great. But of course it was empty and they were hoping to get someone in for June 1.

So while #2 is available and will totally work for me, I called and left a message with the landlord from my #1, juuuuust in case. I'll be surprised if someone hasn't snapped it up, but who knows? Maybe an arrangement fell through and a June 15 move would make sense now.

I mean, probably not, but at least then I'll have closure and I can move into #2 without that nagging feeling of "should I have tried harder for #1?"


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