May. 23rd, 2016

cassaclyzm: (I do say...)
I just had a small slip in my shower, while I was getting into it. I didn't fall but the one foot I'd put in slid way out to the side. I bashed my left middle knuckle grabbing the wall and my left shin conked against the tub pretty good - both still hurt. Mostly I'm feeling like WOW that could have been worse. I'm usually hyper careful when getting into the shower but my brain was in another place. Thinking about moving stuff, I think.

Still looking at apartments, about one in four of which are actually viable. I still haven't settled on movers yet. I've decided that if I find the right place and it's available mid-June, I'll take it early. That'll let me pick the cheapest date for movers and give me some time to do prep / cleaning on both ends. Especially since my folks are coming to visit right after, it would be nice to have a small chance to settle in and make it feel more like a functional home.

I'm glad I got my tax return and hadn't spent it or allocated it before I got the notice that I had to move. Even though I'm mad that I'm having to devote resources to do something I didn't want to do, at least I had those resources to start with. Once I'm moved, two things are going to happen for sure:

  • I'm going to buy myself something FUN, and

  • I'm going to FINALLY get off my ass and get measured for that suit.
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