May. 17th, 2016

cassaclyzm: (I do say...)
I keep saying that and then I keep staying up past midnight. Luckily (?) my body seems to want me up in the 6-6:30 kind of range, so at least getting out of bed is happening. But I need a full eight tonight if I can manage it. For my sanity.

Saw another place today - it would do if they didn't really want someone in for the first of June. Lots of that lately, but more July stuff should start popping up soon. It was nice to get out and see another area of the city, though. And get some sun and some exercise. Maybe a bit too much exercise and too much sun too fast, because I was too wiped afterward to get groceries. Hopefully it'll help me sleep at least.

I'm bad at self care? Like, I think I need to reevaluate what that word even means for me. I tend to default to 'DO NOTHING' and turning into a let's play watching zombie. Which would be fine sometimes. Not every times. When I got home tonight, feeling utterly wiped and overwhelmed at the thought of functioning, I decided to try something just sliiiightly different. I put on a show on Netflix.

Earth-shattering, I know. But I've been having problems of late with being afraid of investing in regular narrative structure stuff. Fun fact: the narrative structure of a sitcom can't hurt me! Imagine that. Anyway, it wound up being a very "kid gloves" way of making me feel a little accomplished, and with that momentum I took a shower and clipped my talon-like toenails. Y'know, like, ACTUAL self care?

And now I have a kitty in my lap, so obviously all is well.


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