May. 7th, 2016

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It's not far from where I'm living now - Dufferin and Davenport. I'm trying to sort out how I feel about it.

The location and price are good*, the landlords (who I haven't yet met - the guy showing the place is looking for someone to take over the lease) are apparently quite hands off despite living right upstairs, it's pet friendly and there's very convenient laundry onsite (with some reasonable restrictions.) There's some storage room as well.

But the space is wonky as heck - ceilings are low, you generally have to duck when moving between rooms. The only closet space where stuff can be hung up is in the bathroom, which is also weird. Shower only, though that's okay for me. The place has a sort of a janky vibe - rough around the edges, you know? And grimy, but the guy hasn't cleaned it yet, and he's going to.

The "bedroom" is basically a large closet - technically you could fit a bed in there, but probably nothing else. I actually am thinking that I could use that space as an office / recording booth and put my bed in an enclave-type area of the main space. That'd probably work out real well for sound proofing/absorption, but the downside is I'd lose that little private bedroom area that doesn't matter as much to me, but that impacts my potential guests (I was FINALLY going to get to use my bedroom for this purpose when my folks came to visit, but NOOooOoo.) They probably don't care? But it's a real consideration. I can't afford a two bedroom unless I find a place waaaaay out Etobicoke way.

And again, basement = not a ton of light + NO outside space again. Sigh.

Oh, and I forgot about Mother's Day because it's weirdly early this year and I've been out of it. Bleh.

* I'm still adjusting to the new "good" - from what I'm seeing, prices are up at least 30% from what they were three years ago. If my landlord is pulling a fast one to get me out so he can re-list at a better price for him, I will be incredipissed.


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