May. 5th, 2016

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Today was a bit of a "flat" day - the odd burst of sadness, the odd moment of annoyance, but mostly just... "meh, whatever." I'm trying to roll with it.

Listings are still mostly June focused, but I'm going to check out a potential July place this weekend. I negotiated a July 2nd morning move, so I'll have the July 1 holiday to do my last minute packing, prep, and cleaning. I might even book a vehicle in the next little while. A van might do it - I don't have much stuff. Need to take a few measurements and do some thinking. And depending on the new place, the couch may need to come apart. Luckily (?) I remember vividly how it went together, having juuuuust done it.

I wanted to renew my passport because it's expiring this month, but now I think I might put it off until I've moved. One less thing to stress about, and I don't have any plans to travel south of the border (or elsewhere) anytime soon. I do need to renew my health card, though. By my birthday, which is July 8. Ugh, so awkward.

Work was all right today. I got to do some voice recording (in french!) that netted me an hour off the phone, which was soundly appreciated. I had some actual paid voice work that I finished up last night, as well. That's one thing about the new place: it's going to need a place for me to record. I'd like to get set up to capture console footage and record while playing with friends, like everybody else on YouTube. It's not original, but it sounds fun, and it's a project. Projects are good.


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